Scientific Coaching

Scientific Coaching

Scientific Coaching from Dr Auriel Forrester

As owner of Scientific Coaching I, Dr Auriel Forrester, am a highly qualified and respected cycling and triathlon coach, personal fitness trainer, sport scientist and world masters cycling champion.
My view is that SCIENCE may be the way forward but in order to get the most out of sport science, exercise physiology and cycle coaching techniques you need someone who can understand the science, communicate the knowledge and integrate it into real training plans for real people - not just elite athletes in laboratory settings but people with jobs, limited time and non-optimal fitness levels! With my knowledge, experience and expertise you can achieve your goals and expand your potential. Check out my biography and see how I can help you achieve your potential like so many others have done.

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Based in the Physiological Principles of Fitness Training

Whether it is a personal bike set up, fitness assessment or a full coaching plan all of my sessions are designed with the specific purpose of improving your cycling performance and efficiency.

Whilst these prinicples are well documented interpreting them and building them into a cycle or triathlon training programme that fits in with the average lifestyle is no easy task. With over 20 years  of experience as a sport scientist, senior cycling coach and as a competitive cyclist and triathlete I am in a unique position to help you get the most your of the time you have available, provide expert cycle and triathlon coaching and ensure your efforts count.

Power based coaching is my speciality but you dont need a powermeter to benefit from my knowledge.

Who can benefit from a Personal Coach?

Scientific Coaching isn't just for elite riders, anyone can benefit from structured training especially if your time is limited or you have a very specific goal to reach in a certain time scale. If like the majority of Scientific Coaching clients your time is limited by work, age and family then you cant afford mis-directed training. From enthusiastic amateur to club and national champion, Scientific Coaching has gained the results.

My clients have achieved success in all manner of disciplines and events from World Age Group Champions, National Champions and medallists through to a 100% success record recent Etape de Tours.

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